Post Office

There has been a Post Office in the same building in Kemnay since 1888. The 4th October 2018 saw the Post Office counter close for the very last time. We would like to thank the final Postmaster/Postmistress for their excellent service over the last 12 years. We are voicing our support for a new Post Office to be located somewhere within the boundaries of Kemnay, Aberdeenshire. We hope to encourage another business or person to step forward with a new Post Office in Kemnay so that this is just a “temporary closure” and not a loss to the community forever. The aim is for at least one member of over 2000 households in the village, and affected surrounding areas, to sign this petition.

If you have already signed one of the paper petitions found in the library or in one of the many of the businesses in the village then your voice has been heard, but please share the link for this petition with friends and family to sign. If you are the member of a Group and would like a paper copy of the petition emailed to you so you can collect more names then please email

Here are some quotes from people who need a Post Office in Kemnay

  • A concerned 88 year old said “After today it will take me half a day to buy postage stamps for letters and parcels due to a 10 mile round trip on public transport to Inverurie.”  (This also applies to anyone else without a car).
  • “Since the bank closed years ago, Kemnay has no banking facilities in the village so those wanting cash, change or banking in the village Post Office will lose out.”  Local businesses and the library bank with the Post Office.
  • “Not all people have bank accounts, and so rely on the Post Office for drawing cash.” (Especially the elderly)
  • “Many businesses especially modern internet businesses rely on posting in a timely fashion to supply their customers and the viability of such businesses will be in question once you add on the time, fuel and money used to post just one item.”
  • “A Post Office is an essential hub/part of the community, it matters……”

Please add your voice today to this petition to help others in your community even if you are not directly affected.