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Water-Gate Self-inflating Barrier

Under consideration by Aberdeenshire Council for emergency deployment at Kembhill Park.  Equipment will be provided free of charge but will be stored and deployed by residents at times of flood warnings.

Video of demonstration at Kembhill Park, courtesy of Jim Buchan, KPFG, taken on 05 August 2016


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The Water-Gate™ is a portable, self-inflating, reusable water barrier that can be used in place of traditional methods, such as sandbags, rock, or dirt dams. The Water-Gate™ can be installed or removed in minutes and easily packed and reused for a different application.

The portable barrier can be transported by vehicle to the required site or smaller barriers are light enough to be carried by a person. The Water-Gate™ can be installed by one person, with the barrier available in several lengths and heights and can be linked together to create longer sections.  The Water-Gate™ can be used in multiple situations like flood control, creating reservoirs and dams, waterway diversions and even chemical spill containment.

Quote by Gavin Penman CEng MICE, Projects Manager, Major Projects, Flood Management, Coastal and Harbours

Aberdeenshire Council and its partners will work with all of its communities, including Kemnay, to build local resilience. This may include the potential for reusable self-inflating flood barriers that can be used in place of traditional methods, such as sandbags, or bunds.  As you are aware we cannot provide permanent barriers of bunds until a detailed study is carried out.

Officers are investigating the feasibility of a suitable flood protection product.  Due to limited availability of frontline resources during times of flooding we are looking at a product that can be deployed by the residents themselves, without the need for specialist equipment.  An example of the type of product we are considering is Water Gate

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