Kemnay School

The first Parish School in Kemnay was built in the early 19th century and later demolished circa 1860 to be replaced by what is now The Old Schoolhouse, which is now a private house.  Circa 1974, the school was extended by erecting a new building which was subsequently extended on numerous occasions to eventually become a Higher Grade Secondary School.  Apart from Kemnay, pupils from Donside also attended the School, many stayed in Kemnay during the week and travelled home at weekends.  Pupils from Alford travelled to Kemnay School daily by Railway train up until 1927 when senior education was made available in Alford.  In later years the school was reclassified to the present day Kemnay Primary School.  Kemnay now also has a second Primary school Alehousewells School

The original Kemnay Parish School was described as an “Academy” and after later reclassification to Higher Grade Secondary and then Primary, a new Kemnay Academy exists again but on a different site along Bremner Way. Built in 1980 and opened in 1982, Kemnay Academy was initially created in response to a growing need for a secondary school to accommodate the growing number of pupils in Kintore and Kemnay who previously went to Inverurie Academy.

Kemnay Higher Grade School (BR)

Kemnay Secondary School

Children boarding the train to Alford after schooling at Kemnay

Kemnay Railway Station Children

Kemnay Higher Grade School 1907

Front of postcard: “Kemnay Higher Grade School and Grove.  Famous place this.  I have some rare rackets I can tell you.  I suppose you will remember the time when you used ? past it.  Baxter works in (town?) now.  The only thing I miss of him is we don’t get the road so well rolled without his feet.  Be good ?”

Rear of postcard: “Thanks very much for pretty P.C. (postcard), it was very good of you to remember me. Glad to hear that you arrived all safe and none the worse for your voyage.  I only wish I could come over, I wouldn’t think twice about doing it and perhaps I may, nobody knows, wouldn’t you get a real surprise if I walked in upon you some day  K (Kemnay?) is very dull just now have hardly been down since you left.  Any nice girls out your way.  You will be coming home with a (?) wife one of these days.  Be sure and send me some of your fine weather here, for it has been so cold.  Sophie & Dovie bids me send you their best regards.  What a pity you won’t be here with “At Homes” I wish you had.  Be sure and send P.C. soon.  Love A.C.”

A Whyte, Post Office, Kemnay
Franked Kemnay 09 October 1907
Franked received in Quincy Oct. 12, 07.00 am 1907
Addressed to:
Douglas Auld
c/o Mrs Kelman
130 Independence Avenue
Quincy Mass
United States


Further Reading

“Tales o’ the Maisters”

A history of Kemnay School 1820 – 1948 by Duncan A Downie, Donald M Morrison and Anna M Muirhead. Published by Time Pieces Publications in 1995