Public Access AED Defibrillators

Located on outer walls at:

1. Fyfe Park Clinic, corner of Fyfe Park / Fraser Place

2. Village Hall, Aquithie Road

3. Alehousewells Primary School

4 . The Steadings, adjacent to junction of Aquithie Road / Dalmadilly (see below)

5. Kemnay Golf Club Pro’ Shop, Monymusk Road

CPR: 30 chest compressions : 2 rescue breaths

What to do

  1. After performing a primary survey, and you find someone is unresponsive and not breathing normally, ask a helper to call 999 or 112 for emergency help while you start CPR. Ask a helper to find and bring a defibrillator, if available.

    • If you’re on your own use the hands-free speaker on a phone so you can start CPR while speaking to ambulance control.

    • Do not leave a casualty to look for a defibrillator yourself, the ambulance will bring one.

  2. When the helper returns with a defibrillator, ask for it to be switched on and to take the pads out, while you continue CPR. They should remove or cut through clothing to get to the casualty’s bare chest. They also need to wipe away any sweat. The defibrillator will give you voice prompts on what to do.

  3. They should attach the pads to the casualty’s chest, by removing the backing paper. Apply the pads in the positions shown.

    • The first pad should be on the upper right side below the collar bone.

    • The second pad should be on the casualty’s left side below the arm pit.

  4. The defibrillator will analyse the heart’s rhythm. Stop CPR and make sure no one is touching the casualty. It will then give a series of visual and verbal prompts that should be followed.

    • If the defibrillator tells you that a shock is needed, tell people to stand back. The defibrillator will tell you when to press the shock button. After the shock has been given the defibrillator will tell you to continue CPR for two minutes before it re-analyses.

    • If the defibrillator tells you that no shock is needed continue CPR for two minutes before the defibrillator re-analyses.

  5. If the casualty shows signs of becoming responsive, such as coughing, opening eyes or speaking, and starts to breathe normally, put them in the recovery position. Leave the defibrillator attached. Monitor their level of response and prepare to give CPR again if necessary.

How YOU Helped

Kemnay Community Council Defibrillator Group

PADS Meeting held on 17th January 2017-01-20

3. Summary of Achievements in 2016

a.     A successful campaign to raise funds for Publically Accessed Defibrillator Units was achieved and is still ongoing. Currently nine collection boxes are distributed throughout Kemnay. The folks in Kemnay have been extremely supportive and generous with their contributions. The Dairy in Inverurie also contributed.

b.    A grant of £4000 was obtained from Scottish Southern Electricity and is being ring-fenced to pay for maintenance and the purchase of one additional PADS unit.

c.     Three Pads Units were purchased through the British Heart Foundation at a reduced cost amounting to £400 per unit. The units being fitted at the Village Hall, Bogbeth Park Pavilion and Fyfe Park Health Clinic – following a hard fought engagement with Aberdeenshire Council and the NHS. The PADS units were fitted by Cummings Fire &Security together with all relevant certification.

d.    The three operational PADS units have been registered with the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) and are now part of their database. Teams of two persons are now checking the units on a weekly basis and monthly maintenance reports are being submitted to the SAS.

e.    The cabinet containing the PADS unit at Bogbeth Park Pavilion was vandalised on the 13th December 2016 and a replacement cabinet door is currently on order. This unit has temporarily been removed from the SAS database.

f.      Many businesses in Kemnay provided sponsorship or donations – Burnett Arms, Bennachie Lodge, Collies, Lingard, Pharmacist, McColls, The Co-ops, Ying’s takeaway, Hi-Fri, Cardamon Takeaway, Essentials, Cummings Fire & Gas, Brian Downie Car Sales, Premier Coaches, Kemnay Golf Club, Kemnay Bowling Club and Kirkstyle Garage.

g.     Our thanks to Kemnay Newsletter, Kemnay Website and the Kemnay Facebook operators for there valuable active support

h.    Special thanks also to the Kemnay Cub Scouts and the Kemnay Brownies, to Steve Clark and to all individuals who are providing donations.

i.      Kemnay Academy was the venue for a very successful musical concert featuring the Grammar School Concert Band and organised by Alan Macdonald, ably assisted by the Kintore and Kemnay Rotary Club.

j.      A Training event was held in December with the aid of the Scottish ambulance services.

1.    Treasure’s Report: The treasurer GB with a total of £10,318.98 raised submitted a fully itemised financial report. The current balance being £6,626.79.

Programme for 2017

a.      Commencing in January Defibrillator familiarisation and CPR training will be held on the third Thursday and Friday each month until at least April.

b.     Funds are currently available to purchase a further two PADS units.

c.      It is the intent to locate a fourth PADS unit in the Alehousewells School area and a fifth PADS unit in the Dalmadilly area.