Community Resilience Plan

KCC CRP Master (7)Feb23

Throughout Scotland many communities are forming community resilience groups and, following Storm Frank in January 2016 when many Kemnay properties were affected, we decided to assist the village by creating our own Resilience Plan.

The purpose this Plan is to make our community better prepared in the event of any emergency in the village such as severe weather, flooding or any other major incident.  The Plan allows better lines of communication but does not replace the work of the Emergency Services. The aim is to bring together information about the tasks which can be carried out in an emergency as well as knowledge about the skills of volunteers who are willing to support and assist others in our community.  By creating a Plan we will be better able to prepare for and recover from such an event.

There is an opportunity for all within the community to assist with tasks such as helping to install flood gates, place sandbags, clear snow, providing first aid or transporting people to places of respite.  Some of these tasks are suitable for fit and able people only but others can be carried out by anyone who is able to co-ordinate the work of others.

One of our current resilience groups, KPFG (Kembhill Park Flood Group), is looking for additional volunteers to help them with a variety of tasks should another major incident arise.  If you would like to assist them, or volunteer for any other area in the village or to form a resilience group in your own area, we would like to hear from you.


Co-ordinators / Focal Points / 1st Aiders*

Please contact us via this website Newsie contact page

*See descriptions of each role below

Kemnay Community Resilience Plan Boundary

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Central Zones

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Flooding:  Download a practical Guide for Householders here

SFF Your Household Flood Plan


Households identified as possibly in need of assistance with ie, erecting flood gates, placing sandbags, installing pumps, clearing snow, transport to place of safety.

If you would like to be registered as requiring assistance in the event of emergency, or know of someone who may require help, please contact Kemnay Community Council via this website Newsie contact page with your details