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We are a group of Kemnay residents (& friends) aiming to promote a green agenda in Kemnay through supporting community gardening and composting at Birley Bush, improving the local path network around the village and by promotiong sustainable energy transition.


We meet every first Tuesday of the month, at 7.00pm in Kemnay Golf Club. 

We welcome new members to join us at anytime!


We are a registered charity SCO46497.

Greener Kemnay’s to-do list gets longer every year. Many of us have continued to work hard to improve the Birley Bush Community Garden; our path is always dry, our fence upright and our compost bins tidy. The crops sown do well and the flowers are both colourful and feed a large number of flying insects and birds. The Garden’s resident population of worms continues to expand.

Our polytunnel is underused, we have a greenhouse waiting to be put up, there are curved panels and pallets to make structures, seats, beds and more.

In 2022 we are turning our thoughts to sustainable energy and how Kemnay residents can reduce their carbon footprint, make the transition away from fossil fuels and still have warm homes, affordable heating and create local jobs to support the transition.

Kemnay Steens