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We are a group of Kemnay residents (& friends) aiming to promote a green agenda in Kemnay through supporting community gardening and composting at Birley Bush, improving the local path network around the village and by promotiong sustainable energy transition.

Next meeting: 10th January at 7pm in Village Hall at the Wainman Room

We welcome new members to join us at anytime!


We are a registered charity SCO46497.

Kemnay Steens

The Green Participatory Budgeting Fund is now open and Greener Kemnay needs your vote!

You can see all 46 projects and vote at

Please vote for Greener Kemnay and then the other nine projects you would like to see funded.

Spread the word! We are a small village and support from across the Shire will help our chances of success.


Greener Kemnay Members Newsletter – DECEMBER 2022

General News

Hope you all have a very Happy Festive season and enjoyable New Year.

We are needing your vote, if you have not done so by now please go to this website and vote for Energy Subgroup proposal (see below)..

Energy subgroup

Participating Budgeting. The Energy Subgroup has put in a bid to NESCAN for £11,000 of the £330,000 pot. We want to buy four thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, thermometers and other specialist equipment, to conduct heat loss surveys on homes in our village. Kemnay has 2250 houses of different ages and styles, many of which have been modified, and each requires insulating differently. The surveys will help householders to understand where heat is lost. For us to get this money we need your help (this is where the participating bit comes in) and vote for our project. From the 1st to 16th December, go online and vote. Anyone in Aberdeenshire is eligible to vote youngsters included so it can be a family and friends talking point.  There are 46 projects to choose from, we hope that you will choose ours, as this money will be very beneficial to the village and help households with their energy bills, reduce energy use and ultimately help global warming.

You will get 10 votes, see the list below that Sue has handily put together. If you need more information on each project and then vote to go to this web address.


1st Belhelvie Guides – Formartine AB23 8AR. Applying for £2260 shelter and power
Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire Scottish Wildlife Trust – Kincardine & Mearns AB39 3SU. Applying for £15,000 rangers volunteers
Aberdeen Foyer – Banff & Buchan AB45 1AZ. Applying for £46,995 vinery – transport
Aberdeenshire North Foodbank – Buchan AB51 3UB. Applying for £13,800 Growing
Action for Climate and Environment (Newburgh) – Formartine AB41 6FF. Applying for £4,630 Wildlife + thermal imaging
Alford Academy Parent Council – Marr AB33 8TY. Applying for £9211.26 Community fridge + biodiversity
Alford Valley Community Railway – Marr AB33 8AD. Applying for £50,000 plastic sleepers
Auchenblae Parks Committee – Kincardine & Mearns AB30 1WQ. Applying for £4160.99 solar lights for sport
Banchory and District Initiative (BDI) – Marr AB31 5SP. Applying for £2500 garden
Beannachar Camphill Community – Kincardine & Mearns AB12 5YL. Applying for £49,930 Camphill community laundry
Black and Scot – Garioch AB51 0PR. Applying for £19,597 work skills  
Buchan Community Farm – Buchan AB42 5RS. Applying for £39,638 electric minbus
Deveron FM – Banff & Buchan AB45 1JL. Applying for £9748.37 insulate premises
Ellon and District Men’s Shed – Formartine AB41 9AJ. Applying for £5000 expansion
Ellon and District Sports Development Trust – Formartine AB41 9QJ. Applying for £30,000 irrigation
Ellon Castle Gardens – Formartine AB41 9JB. Applying for £29,029.50 solar mowers
Fordyce Community Association – Banff & Buchan AB45 2SW. Applying for £5284 LED lighting
Fraserburgh Community Council Resilience Group – Banff & Buchan AB43 9LX. Applying for £15,065 Power which can be portable
Fraserburgh Golf Club – Banff & Buchan AB43 8TT. Applying for £50,000 solar and hybrid vehicles for maintenance
Glass Community Association – Marr AB54 4YH. Applying for £4618 green space  +kitchen in hall
Glenbervie Preschool – Kincardine & Mearns AB39 3YT. Applying for £1500 grow food
Greener Kemnay – Garioch AB51 5GB. Applying for £11,259  
Grow Free Community Foundation – Aberdeenshire-wide AB51 7LA. Applying for £4445 3 grow forests
Huntly Development Trust – Marr AB54 8BR. Applying for £42,673 cinema
Inverurie Community Energy Society Ltd – Garioch AB51 4EW. Applying for £3500 audio visual presentation equipment
Inverurie Loco Works Football Club – Garioch AB51 4SG. Applying for £50,000 LED floodlights
Inverurie West Parish Church – Garioch AB51 3SA. Applying for £3300 insulation for warm hub
King George V Memorial Hall – Garioch AB51 5HE. Applying for £40,960.49 Hall solar panels batteries
Macduff Primary School – Banff & Buchan AB44 1PT. Applying for £5000 community garden
Maud Village Trust – Buchan AB42 4PB. Applying for £50,000 green excellence warm space
Meldrum Amenities Improvement Group – Formartine AB51 0AD. Applying for £866 community floral disply
Melvin Village Hall – Formartine AB41 7JX. Applying for £50,000 hall insulation
Murray Park Trust – Marr AB33 8TY. Applying for £11,095 community woodland
National Trust for Scotland – Aberdeenshire-wide AB31 5QJ. Applying for £21,056 want water lack info on project
Newmachar & Kingseat Community Allotments – Garioch AB21 0AD. Applying for £6685 allotments – cohesion
North East Scotland Retrofit Hub (NESFIT) – Aberdeenshire-wide AB51 0NR. Applying for £19,000 thermal imaging
RSPB Aberdeen and District Local Members Group – Aberdeenshire-wide AB21 7PW. Applying for £1699 binoculars +zoom
SEAchange – Slains Environmental Action for Change – Formartine AB41 8RS. Applying for £16,033 community garden event space
SensationALL – Garioch AB32 6FT. Applying for £40,000 solar panels – targeted
Skene Parish Church – Garioch AB32 6FY. Applying for £35,000 battery storage
Stonehaven Fetteresso Church of Scotland – Kincardine & Mearns AB39 2DH. Applying for £9500 insulation LED drafts
Tarland Welfare Trust – Marr AB34 4YS. Applying for £8829.39 Hall insulation
The Seed Box – Marr AB34 5DT. Applying for £20,000 expansion to Banchory
Tyred n Cranky CIC – Marr AB54 4TB. Applying for £49,910 Bike 
Woodend Arts Limited – Marr AB31 5QA. Applying for £3964 premises insulation
Zero Carbon Daviot – Formartine AB51 0HZ. Applying for £50,000 car


Community garden,

Composting: We are needing your help with our compost bins; we would like you to take on one of our compost bins and produce compost for the community garden. You will be able to share ideas, gain helpful tips from others who are doing the same and hopefully have some fun seeing the final product being used. There is a little bit of work setting it up in the first place, once established then you will be able to sit back and let the worms do the work. If you are interested in helping us do this vital work, please contact us by email on or WhatsApp Muriel

Next meeting

 10th January at 7pm in Village Hall at the Wainman Room

See you in 2023, let’s hope we have good news.