Erect 20 Houses at Milton, Kemnay


Erect 20 Houses, Form Vehicular Access & Suds Basin

at site East of Milton Farm, Kemnay

Applicant: Malcolm Allan Housebuilders Ltd

Public Comment Expiry Date Thursday 02 May 2019



House types on Plots 1 to 20

Aberdeenshire Council Current Local Development Plan 2017

pages 47-50 (numbered 413-416)

OP2: West of Milton Meadows, Allocation: 20 homes

This site was previously allocated as site H2 in the 2012 LDP.  It is located on the south-western edge of the settlement and is generally flat in nature.  Strategic landscaping is likely to be required to soften the settlement edge and reduce the prominence of the development, particularly when approaching from the south-west.

The design theme should provide a mix of house types and sizes in keeping with the character of the surrounding area, including a minimum of 5 affordable houses integrated into the development design.  Access to the site could be taken via the B993 or through the adjoining residential development via Leys Way.  Footway provision to provide pedestrian connectivity with the rest of the settlement will be required.  The site should also enable the development of sports pitches on site R1.

There is a small watercourse adjacent to the site, and a flood risk assessment may therefore be required depending on detailed proposals and site levels.  Full SUDs and adequate buffer strips will be necessary.