CLAMPA Updates

Update on 28 January 2017

MSP Mike Rumbles has tabled a parliamentary motion to be placed before the Scottish Parliament on 7th Feb, that we believe will help all Scottish campaigns to stop the impact of overhead transmission lines on the Scottish Landscape. Timing is short for input to the democratic system. If you can, please act this week!

 This was revealed at last Mondays public meeting in Alford and I apologise if I am repeating matters that you are already informed upon and processing.
SSE are currently planning to place 50m high pylons to create a new transmission system from  Inverness to Kintore,Aberdeenshire.
I’m a member of a group ( trying to make sure that project has as small an impact on the landscape and environment as possible.
Mike Rumbles’ motion results from the Welsh Assembly passing a similar one for the benefit of the Welsh landscape. The details can be found here
Here is the copy of Mike Rumbles email to use explaining his position and actions.
From: “Rumbles M (Mike), MSP” <>
Date: 25 January 2017 at 14:32:53 GMT
Subject: RE: Blackhillock to Kintore pylons

I thought that I would let you know what I have been doing since the public meeting on Monday evening.

I have today lodged a motion for a members debate in the Scottish Parliament as follows:
Motion Number S5M-03637
Title: Blackhillock to Kintore Transmission line
Motion Text:
That the Parliament notes the concern that has been expressed by communities in proximity to Scottish and Southern Electricity Network’s proposed Blackhillock to Kintore transmission reinforcement regarding the development’s potential visual impact; understands that the National Assembly for Wales unanimously passed a motion on 18 January 2017 endorsing the use of underground cables and alternatives to pylons where feasible, with a view to minimising the visual impact of such infrastructure; reiterates what it sees as the need for effective community consultation and the importance of incorporating feedback as a means for addressing such concerns; believes that the outstanding natural beauty of this countryside, for example the area around Bennachie, must be protected, and notes the communities’ urgent calls for the existing plans to be the subject of substantial change and mitigation action in order for this to be achieved.
I have convinced my party colleagues to agree that my motion should be lodged and debated during a members debating time slot (I only have one opportunity to choose a subject for debate and I have chosen this one) as it happens the next Liberal Democrat slot comes up on Tuesday 7th February (as a party we only have three per year).
The only other requirement to secure the debate on Tuesday 7th February is that I must have cross party support from MSPs in other parties. I have a meeting with Alexander Burnett at 4.30pm today (Alexander is the Conservative Party’s Energy spokesperson and of course is the constituency MSP for Aberdeenshire West) Hopefully Alexander will sign my motion in support and then I will aim to get others too!
I’ll let you know how I get on.
P.S. Securing a members debate in the Scottish Parliament means that although no vote is held at the end of the debate, MSPs have an opportunity to speak and express their views and the responsible Minister  has to attend and respond to the points raised in the debate. It is a most effective way of obtaining policy changes from the Scottish Government!
If you are interested in this issue please help by asking their MSP’s to support the motion.
For your information, WAPA are sending out the attached email to their members.
WAPA are asking it’s members to use the website to find and write to their MSP’s and MP, urging them to support the motion which hopefully will protect all of Scotland’s landscape. It’s easy to cut and paste a letter into this site.
Here’s the letter we’re suggesting be used as a starting point to be modified as each writer desires.
For parliamentary reasons it has to refer to SSE’s latest project and the final paragraph speaks specifically to this.
Title: Blackhillock to Kintore Transmission Line
Motion Number S5M-03637 lodged by Mike Rumbles on 27/01/17
I am writing to you with reference to the above named and numbered Motion. As you may be aware, the Welsh Assembly has adopted a resolution as follows:
The motion that the National Assembly for Wales believes that:
a) the National Grid should use underground or undersea cables or alternatives to carry electricity through National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales where feasible;
b)there should be a preference for underground cables or alternatives rather than electricity pylons in any new or current developments in Wales by the National Grid; and
c) Ofgem should commit to continue and extend the Visual Impact Provision project for Wales to replace current pylons with underground cables or other alternatives
was passed with 51 members for and none against.
I believe that this resolution is as applicable to the Scottish environment as it is to the Welsh, and I request your support for the motion when it is brought before the Scottish Parliament. Furthermore, and with reference to the plans under development for the Blackhillock to Kintore transmission line, I object to this proposal in its current form and request that you support the motion which sets out to protect the natural beauty of the area that this proposed development will damage.
The wider and more numerous the letters received by MSPs, the better chance of success for us to keep Scotland’s landscape intact and we are asking for your help to spread the word.
If you have comments or can advise us in any way, please feel free to get in touch.

With best regards

For and behalf of WAPA
Mr Per Arno
Crimond Croft
AB33 8DL


Update on 12 July 2016

  • Please see article plus photo in today’s P&J
  • Press release also sent to Inverurie Advertiser, Donside Piper, Huntly Express and North East Community Radio
  • CLAMPA now has an associated organsation, WAPA -West Aberdeenshire Pylon Action, whose focus is to oppose the need to put huge pylons between Huntly, Tillyfourie and Kintore through unspoiled beautiful landscape next to Bennachie and National Trust properties
  • WAPA has a website ( and Facebook page ( – join WAPA by sending email to
  • CLAMPA has 136 members on Facebook – many are in addition to the 97 receiving this update email
  • New posters for WAPA and also CLAMPA have been designed, printed and are going up throughout the area
  • CLAMPA and WAPA have received separate voluntary cash donations – for posters, literature, website fees, and anything to advance our case, donations and spend itemised and published – more donations will be gratefully received to either group
  • Briefing notes issued to MSPs and MPs asking for their help to question SSE’s plans and to register our opposition to SSE
  • Craigearn community got into action by launching a CLAMPA raft in the Kemnay to Inverurie raft race in June to raise our profile
  • SSE have delayed issuing their promised report on their consultation to early August citing “…the volume of comments received and other factors…” Thanks to all who commented to SSE – we suggest that you continue to object to and politicians. Some further possible points:
    • this new line is really about connecting Shetland, Orkney and Moray Firth power to the Central Belt – all of which will arrive at Keith via buried submarine or land cabling
    • none of us were consulted about landing all this new energy at Keith
    • instead of overhead land lines from Keith, submarine cabling should be routed directly past Peterhead, straight down to the Firth of Forth
    • failing that, SSE should upgrade the existing 275kV line from Keith to Kintore. They feebly have said the clearances on the pylon arms won’t let them do that – so they should either design simple upgrade kits (put this out to competitive tender?) or replace the pylons there since the wayleaves are already in place.
    • why are these new 400 kV pylons to be 50m high when the upgraded 400kV pylons from Keith to Kintore are only 42m high (over-specification?)

Please visit our websites and join our Facebook pages – and keep objecting!

Best regards


for and on behalf of

West Aberdeenshire Pylon Action

Craigearn, Leschangie and Monymusk Pylon Action