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I wanted to point out some incorrect information on the War Memorial section of your site. My great uncle Frank C Findlater who died on 28 June 1916 is listed as being the son of Mary Reid. In fact Mary had died in 1892 well before the time Frank was born and he is actually the son of my great grandmother Christina Aitken who was the second wife of Lewis Findlater (they actually had 5 children together). Could you please amend your site accordingly if possible.

I think the confusion has arisen because the war records show Frank as the son of Mrs Lewis Findlater which he was (but actually the second Mrs Lewis Findlater, Christina Aitken my great grandmother). As the other 2 half brothers William and Forbes who also died in the war were noted as the son of Mary Reid then I suspect Anne has  assumed Frank should be the same. William was born in 1880 and Forbes was born in 1874 so they are indeed the sons of Mary Reid who died in 1892, but Frank died in 1916 at the age of 19 so must have been born in 1896 or 1897. Lewis Findlater married his second wife Christina Aitken in Nov 1893.

Could you also please let me know where you got the incorrect information from so that I can follow it up and correct it at source. Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Louisa Duncan

Thank you for this new information Louisa, Frank Findlater’s  entry has been  amended accordingly.




I’d just like to take the chance to say thank you for the time and effort to put the details of your war memorials on the website. I am related to Henry Durward Nicol, one of those listed, and it is very touching to see that his name and face are remembered close to his home. I can show this site to the wider Nicol clan, now spread as far afield as China. Your website is a credit to your community.
Thanks again.

Kirsty Nicol