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From: Ron Thorne-Finch <>
Subject: Temperance Hotel, Parish of Kemnay

Hello; I hope my request is not too much of an imposition. You seem wonderfully interested and knowledgeable about the history of your area and I hoped I might be able to tap into that knowledge base with a question. I am compiling a family history and I am trying to find out about the location of the “Temperance Hotel, Parish of Kemnay.” On July 24, 1909 William Joss and Catherine Reid were married at the hotel. I would like to be able to locate the hotel on a map or, better yet, find a photo of the said hotel for a PowerPoint family history I am compiling. Any assistance or suggestions you might be able to provide, at your convenience, will be most appreciated.
Sincerely, Ron Thorne-Finch, Winipeg, Canada

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Just read your page with interest, brought back lots of memories.

My sister[ Doren Jamieson]  was born in the prefab in Donview Road in 1950 and we moved away in 1952 but often returned during the 50’s to visit my grandparents. I was searching the internet to see if I could get a picture of the Kemnay prefabs when I came across your page

My grandparents [ Alexander and Jeannie Middleton]  lived in Station Road back in the 50s and their house is now what I believe to be part of the Gushet Neuk.

Remember also going across to the bakers where we visited a Miss Scorgie who lived upstairs in the house there.

Played for hours in the lane that ran  between my grandparents house and the bakery. had to go up that lane to the toilets in them days!

Visited the Gray family at The MIlton many a time.

Loved going with my granda to his plot at Paradise Road.

Nowadays a visit to Kemnay is a look around the village and recall happy days spent there and then to the kirkyard to lay flowers to family buried there.

So pleased I came across the page.

Ethel MacLeod [ Jamieson]


From: Ethel Macleod
Subject: Photo request

Was wondering if anyone would have  a photo of the prefabs in Donview Road. My sister was born there in 1950 and i’d love a photo to add to my family tree. The other photo i’d like to see is of the plots in Paradise Road as my late granda had a plot there back in the late 40’s early 50’s.

Other wee bit of info is that my great grandfather’s brother Alexander MIddleton farmed at The Horner[ a very long time ago now] it was his grandson Sir George Proctor Middleton who became the doctor to the Queen when she was resident at Balmoral

Ethel MacLeod