Community Resilience Workshops

Award-winning social enterprise Scarf, in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council is hosting a series of Community Resilience Workshops in locations which are most vulnerable to adverse impacts of weather events brought on by climate change. The aim is to create a long term resilience plan for these communities through facilitated conversation and knowledge sharing.

These workshops have been made possible with LEADER funding, LEADER is a bottom-up method of delivering support to communities for rural development. Please note, participants should be able to attend both workshops in their area.

The workshops are for people who live or work in Port Elphinstone/Inverurie or any of the surrounding areas but SCARF are hoping to have a focus on helping Port Elphinstone create a long term resilience plan with the venue being Inverurie Town Hall for both remaining days.

Anyone who lives in Inverurie/Port Elphinstone or the surrounding communities is welcome to be involved, including, individuals, community groups, businesses etc.


The main aims of the workshops are to facilitate conversations within communities to enhance resilience to climate change. Objectives of the workshops will be to:

  • Improve Understanding within the community of climate disadvantage
  • Improve energy efficiency, with regards to behaviour change, services, products and funding available to reduce costs and emissions.
  • Climate change adaption – how could the impacts of climate change affect the people, places, services and priorities that matter most to the community
  • Community Resilience development plan – such as food growing,community-owned energy, emergency preparedness in extreme weather events – identify funding streams to support these opportunities.


Emma Paterson
Energy Champions – Project Co-ordinator

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